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Just another deviant
Favourite genre of music: Various...almost everything I hear
MP3 player of choice: Sandisk sansa series, and Songbird for the PC
Wallpaper of choice: Nature!
Personal Quote: I'll give my life for you, even if I can't get your heart
  • Listening to: silence
  • Reading: this journal
  • Watching: how passed my 18th birthday
  • Playing: no
I took this from :iconwannabemustangjockey:'s journal
Furry Checklist
(add one point for each item)
[ ] You have a fursona.
[x] You are active in 1+ furry communities.
[ ] You own a fursuit.
[x] You want to own a fursuit.
[x] Every day you check a predefined list of furry sites.
[ ] Anthros are what sparked your interest in art.
[ ] You have accidentally used some piece of furry lingo in public.
[ ] Your friends and/or family know that you are a furry.
[ ] You have played furcadia.
[x] You HAVE to pick something other than a human when playing RPGs...
[x] You have thought about the practical inconveniences of being part/fully animal-like.
[x] You have written any kind of furry fiction.
[ ] You have read a furry comic strip.
[ ] You can identify different furry artists from thumbnails of their art.
[ ] You have more than 1GB of furry art on your computer. (If you include my own, probably. But not if you only count other people's work.)
[ ] You have worked on some kind of 3D modelling/ game development with a furry theme.
[x] You dream about furries.

Total: 7

Nerd Checklist
[ ] You know the following acronyms off the top of your head: HTTP PATA TLS SCSI ATM ATAPI PCMCIA
[ ] You own a t-shirt from
[x] At one point or another, you were at the top of a math class.
[ ] You took accelerated/AP math.
[ ] You own a multimeter.
[ ] You have watched more then 100 episodes of star trek.
[ ] You have played Dungeons & Dragons
[x] You are often asked to perform computer repair at family functions.
[ ] You use Linux.
[x] Your copy of Windows is heavily customised.
[x] You are into electronics.
[ ] You read XKCD.
[ ] You own a binary clock.
[ ] You speak Klingon.
[x] You are fluent in more than one language.
[ ] You own a pocket protector.

Total: 5

Divide the furry total by the nerd total and reduce.

Results: 7/5, which is 1.4, and according with the legend below...well, you'll read it

Legend: >1 You are more furry than nerdy.
1 You are equally furry/nerdy.
<1 You are more nerdy than furry.

Feel free to do this if you want...

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